Johannes Raffael Hilf
                                      Bachelor of Arts, Kulturwissenschaften (Cultural Studies)
During the previous five years different empirical research experiences has become the basis for this master thesis:
July 2005:                       Excursion to Kaliningrad (Königsberg), Russia
(Europa University Viadrina in cooperation with Robert - Bosch - Foundation)
Research subject:
The ‚continuity of place’ in its subjective perception of former and current residents,
in the transformation of the ‚Prussian-bourgeois’ city „Königsberg“ into the ‚Russian-communist’ city Kaliningrad.
March – April 2005          Excursion to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
(Europa University Viadrina in cooperation with German Academic Exchange Service DAAD)
Research subject:
The cultural meaning of brazilian Football (Soccer) and its potential for social and spatial integration in Rio de Janeiro.
November 2004:            Workshop in Poznan, Poland
(Europa University Viadrina in cooperation with Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan)
Comparison between different methods of visual Anthropology and Interviews.
March 2003:                   Excursion to Istanbul, Turkey
(Europa University Viadrina in cooperation with German Academic Exchange Service DAAD)
Research subject:
Analysis of subjective perceptions of urban places and culture by inhabitants with diverse social and cultural backgrounds.
November 2001:              Excursion to Krisowa (Kreisau), Poland    
(Europa University Viadrina in cooperation with Robert - Bosch - Foundation)
German and Polish resistance against fascist dictatorship between 1933/1939-1945
Academic Exchanges:
Jan. – Oct. 2002:             Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona, Spain
(European Erasmus/Sokrates Student Exchange Program)
Academic Title:
April 2004:                        Bachelor of Art, Cultural Sciences / Kulturwissenschaften
Europa Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany                 (Cultural Studies)
Semiotic, Linguistic, Economic- and Social Geography
Since this research project will be the basis of a documentary film project in the next year, which will be based on the methodology of Visual Anthropology, here a short summary of films I have done:
“A terra da bola    –    The land of the ball”
Ger/Bra 2005, 60 min.
The film documents a discourse analysis about the power of brazilian Football for social integration based on 15 Interviews with Politicians, Scientists, Journalists, Writers, Coaches, Players, ect.
“Of man and garden”
Ger 2006, 35 min.
The film based on the method of Visual Anthropology gives an insight to the sacred refugee of Germanys simple man. Private garden colonies situated within the urban space and that must be used for vegetable growth only.
Short Films:
 “Jack n Joe”
Ger, 2006, 5min.
A one-day “Italo”-Western
 “Free Falling”
Ger, 2005, 20min.
Why true love is a one-way.
“In Contact”
Ger 2004, 2min.
How Football brings together cultures and gender.
Since I am researching about Lifestyle,
here some notes about my Lifestyle:
Swimming, Jogging, Surfing and Snowboarding
Photography, Travelling, Documentary and experimental Film, electronic Music and Clubs, Art and Literature
German (nat.), Spanish, English, Portuguese, Russian