in Berlin:
(till Nov. 06)
Tel: +49-173-201 207 5
in New York:
field study period
1st - 30th of Nov. 06,
Tel: will follow soon
in Rio de Janerio:
(from Dec. 06)
Tel: +55-21-9828 2701
Skype: hanneshilf
ASW.Network: hansel
My research request to You:
In order to find people who fit into the profile necessary for the empirical basis of my thesis, I have send this Email to existing contacts in New York. But since people with gobal experiences must leave traces everywhere I send it to many other friends around the world as well.
If You have any interest to contribute something to this project, please contact me.
If you know people that matter to this surrounding or do know this kind of people, please communicate this project. Therefore you can use the following Email text.
„Dear friend of a friend!
For a research project about ‘Global Culture ’ I am searching for globally operating individuals living in New York City with working and living experiences in three or more continents and with cultural origins from all over the world.
In order to learn about the characteristics of global lifestyles and its integration into the city I would like to get in contact to people of diverse cultural backgrounds and professions, such as diplomats, journalists, managers, consultants, NGO-representatives, engineers, lawyers, scientists, artists and any creative workers as singers, musicians, photographers, curators, etc., as well as any other kind of professionals like sport professionals, teachers, mechanics, craftsmen, housekeepers or jet setters who are interested to share their experiences.
Therefore I ask you for your invaluable support in form of a statement or interview during my stay in New York in November 06.
So please drop me a line and/or forward this message to anybody who might fit the profile I am looking for or might have contacts to this surrounding. For further Information please look at my website or contact me.
Thank you very much in advance
Johannes Hilf
This research is the empirical basis for my Master at the Faculty of Cultural Sciences at the Europa University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder) in Germany.
Johannes Hilf
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